Komorebi (animated wallpaper manager)

Oh! I didn’t know the snap suggestion thread “snap-wishlist-suggestions-wanted” has been abandoned and things continue here.

Komorebi is an awesome (and simple) animated wallpapers manager for all Linux platforms. It provides fully customizeable image, video, and web page wallpapers that can be tweaked at any time. Many Linux new comers seek animated desktop wallpapers (including me) and this seems (at moment) a daunting task to accomplish.

Thus i wish for Komorebi as a snap. It works great once you get it properly installed.

So i can’t delete this topic (posting earlier didn’t work with any links but later did). It said something like “you can’t post a link to this host” attempting to post.

Yes please. Ihave used it and it works great but the installation should be one click.