Kdenlive installed via snap can't access vaapi acceleration

I have kdenlive (recently updated to 20.04) installed via snap. When I try to enable vaapi acceleration, it says it is not available.

Installing Kdenlive via flatpak or .deb allows me to enable vaapi in the same PC. Not having vaapi acceleration in kdenlive is a really big handicap of the snap version.

As a general note, I really like snaps, but this problems keep happening. I still can’t use the Darktable snap because it can’t use OpenCL (it works fine in both .deb and flatpak). The same for Libreoffice and OpenCL. And GIMP.
Vkquake snap doesn’t work because it can’t access Vulkan. And, I sure, many more problems like this happen to a lot of people.

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unfortunately the situation seems to be unchanged, no hwaccel in kdenlive snap version whereas the same version installed from ppa works fine. I suppose the hwaccel support is possible since other snaps are using it (firefox?), but maybe adding it is not common knowledge yet (another snap affected by lack of hwaccel that I encountered recently is vlc)