KDE Snaps use the Fusion application theme instead of Breeze on Kubuntu

Hey, I was wondering why KDE Snaps on Kubuntu don’t use the Breeze theme, but instead Fusion. It looks pretty out of place compared to the rest of the system. This is on a fresh install of Kubuntu 22.04-

On the left is the Kate Snap, and on the right is the Dolphin deb.

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I have not encountered that on the Kubuntu 22.04 instance I use …

@sgmoore @jriddell Hi folks, are there any other changes that need to be done for the KDE content snaps to include the necessary themes and icons?

I should mention that apparently this specifically with the fusion theme is due to Kate using classic confinement. However, apart from this, I have also noticed that many KDE Snaps use slightly incorrect theming, like how only the title bar is colored dark gray instead of it and the toolbar, or how some apps feature almost no accent coloring whatsoever, which looks really jarring when navigating a menu bar.

Yeah it needs investigating, maybe someone will have time one day but it’s not an immediate priority alas

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