Kde-neon extension and classic snaps

I was getting all excited seeing the kde-neon extension, since it looks like a much nicer way of handling the Qt5 dependency for the cmake snap. Alas, trying it out I was greeted with the following error message:

Failed to load extension 'kde-neon': this extension does not support 'classic' confinement.
Either use a different extension, or use a confinement setting supported by this extension.

Is there any hope for using the kde-neon extension with classic snaps? If not, then the path forward for desktop integration looks bleak, since desktop-helpers seems to be more or less deprecated in favour of the extensions from what I can tell.

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I am actually currently trying to get into snaps too to package my own app as snap, too, which I would love. However, I am developing a terminal emulator, hence, I need full access to the underlying system (don’t I?). This is where I crash, I am using Qt and would love to use the kde-neon extension, but it keeps telling me exactly that, too.

What can I do to solve this? Did you get around that issue, or does anyone else have a tip for me?

I tried to look around on the internet, and I see that yakuake (quake-like terminal emulator) is provided as snap too, but I just cannot find its snapcraft.yaml to learn from it.

Many thanks in advance,

Sounds like your snap would likely want to be a classic snap too, but you’d have to discuss that with those who approve such things. In the end, I didn’t use kde-neon extension because even if it did support classic snaps, it only supports a couple of architectures. I needed to support as many as possible for my case.

If you want to see how I ended up doing things for the CMake snap, you can take a look at https://github.com/Crascit/cmake-snap. Ignore anything about TravisCI, I don’t use that any more but I haven’t gotten around to updating the README yet to describe how I do the builds through the remote build service instead.