KDE Dolphin mount-control

Please consider allowing the mount-control interface for Dolphin. It is our file manager and many features would be crippled without it. Thanks, Scarlett

mount-control is a privileged interface, effectively granting device ownership. However, being able to mount devices etc is an expected use-case for a file manager. Strict confinement is probably not going to be a good fit for a file manager, so I suspect that having dolphin as a snap will be a bit suboptimal.

+1 from me though since this at least makes it more functional than without.

+1 from me as well to allow mount-control to dolphin since mounting/unmounting filesystem mount points is an expected functionality of file managers.

Just hopping in for curiosity, but, just like here, my last two forum requests for autoconnect to the content snap also got two approvals. What is the next stage of this? Is this now gonna be in a review queue?

As per the Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks there is a 7 day voting period - so unless it is an exceptional circumstance, even after a request has the required +2 votes, we wait 7 days before actioning the request. In this case, for dolphin it has only been 1 day so this has not yet been granted.

+2 votes for, 0 against, granting mount-control use and auto-connect to dolphin. 7 day voting period has concluded. This is now live.