Juju-bmc auto-connect


I just pushed a new version of juju-bmc with grade: stable (v1.1.2), and it was automatically approved (revision 4), and I was able to install it directly from the store without requiring special flags (–dangerous / --beta / --devmode) which was nice.

However, it did not auto-connect the 2 personal-files interfaces that had already been granted permission earlier (details in Juju-bmc request to use personal files). Do I need to do anything else to make them auto-connect?

Thanking you in advance,


about juju-bmc:

summary: juju plugin that adds a command to access a server out band management
description: |
This snap installs a juju plugin, to add the “bmc” command to juju. This
command takes advantage of juju and maas to obtain the relevant credentials
and establishes a connection to the BMC console of a bare metal server.

direct link to snapcraft.yaml => https://git.launchpad.net/juju-bmc/tree/snap/snapcraft.yaml

For posterity - the previous request included auto-connection of these personal-files instances - Juju-bmc request to use personal files - and this was approved. However, it looks like there was a typo in the snap declaration that was granted for this which meant that auto-connection was denied - I have just updated this to allow it.

Thanks for your help @alexmurray. It’s working fine now.