Joystick autoconnection for dosbox-staging

Please can dosbox-staging have the joystick interface auto-connected on install? It’s very commonly used for playing retro games, many of which require a joystick / gamepad. Users tend to expect it to be working out of the box.

Hi! yes I support this person yeah! I wonder why we forgot to ask such a thing…

I do not see the problems to have access to a joystick, what is the danger for linux or ubuntu…?

same thing for plug and play MIDI music instruments?

It should always be automatically plugged in my opinion.

+1 to auto-connect joystick

+1 from me too to auto-connect joystick - gaming is by far the most common use of doxbox so auto-connect of joystick makes sense as we do for snaps which are themselves games.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting this proactively as it is uncontroversial. This is now live.

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