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i have redone it
I have created a snap here
@evan @Wimpress

Can you help me to make snap for Odrive ?
link :



the brackets snap seems to be out of date :slight_smile: Any chance you can update it?

Best regards and thanks in advance


I’ve snapped latest Eclipse here:
@evan @popey and @Wimpress please have a look.



That’s awesome! Thank you so much! Works well here on Ubuntu 18.04. Would you like me to import it into the snapcrafters repo so the community can maintain it there?

Yes, please import it to snapcrafters and register the name in the store.


Done. I’ll post a request for classic confinement shortly too.

Ok, this is now in the stable channel! Thanks again @thymythos


Thanks @popey for you support. Should I update the repo with pull requests, or would you rather give me some access rights?

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@thymythos pull requests would be great please!

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Hey everyone. I started packing podman into snap. Things are moving slowly, and I’d like to transfer to as a more appropriate place to collaborate and gain more exposure. Is that okay?

I reckon you probably need to do the other steps before transferring it to the snapcrafters GitHub org, I haven’t asked for any of ‘my snaps’ to be transferred to the org, despite me being a member of the org, because none of my snaps work!

I think the org is more for making completed community-built snaps a little more official, promoting them, maintaining them, and getting everyone on board with trying to get upstream to publish them themselves.


recently found out about the excellent utility radeon-profile for AMD graphics cards for Linux. The utility works beautifully.
This utility is sorely missed in the snap store.

Maybe someone wants to tackle her port in the Snap Store?.

Hello everyone,

anyone willing to make Snap for ksnip?


I’ve created a snap package for gradle here and created an issue in the upstream project. I didn’t know I can register the name “gradle” until I saw that it can be done through the web site. Now I have registered both “gradle” & “gradle-tunix” and will upload the snap into one of them according to the result of my application.

@evan @popey @Wimpress - could you please have a look? thank you.

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I had created a gradle snap a while ago, however it had problems. Mainly because in Java world the user home is resolved to /home/<user_name>/ instead of a path that is relative to snap. This causes problems because gradle tries to write to ~/.gradle, which won’t work as-is as that is a “privileged” path in the snap world. So I think you would need to request permissions for your snap to be able to write to that “dot” directory.

Hi @om26er,

I’ve seen your package as well. I’m planning to apply for classic confinement which seems to be OK as this is a build tool. With classic confinement, I think the app should be able to access $HOME/.gradle just fine.

For the home directory issue here’s a workaround: The homeishome launcher: Fix snapped apps that (wrongly) referring to the user's real home directory instead of $HOME

Is this similar to

Hi I just published my first snap Tube Converter. I would like to join this community. I will try to manage as many snaps as possible. Mostly from the gnome-world. My github page: