IVR failure

Hello I am not able to forward incoming calls to the service queue, when the options in the IVR are selected, the message will be repeated again.
LOG is below.

I think you might be in the wrong place. This site has nothing to do with telephone PBX systems. Although a PBX might be packaged into a Snap package…

If you are requesting support with a particular Snap package you are best advised to run snap info $PACKAGE_NAME where $PACKAGE_NAME is the name of the package you need help with. This will output some information about the package along with a Support Contact address if the author has added one. If you are still stuck, can you tell us the name of the Snap you are having trouble with, at least?

let me guess that you are not after “snap” but after:


they have a bug tracker there under “Tickets” … :slight_smile: