It's not possible to upload or release snaps from the store UI anymore


This is very inconvenient. For instance we have people who do not have snapcraft installed but still need to be able to release the snaps to the different channels (in case of releasing hot fix for instance). Why was this removed? It was very handy to use store UI in some cases


+1 on that.

Sometimes I need to release apps from my machine in the case of hotfixes, and I don’t even have snapcraft installed/setup.


As a reviewer I occasionally expedite the process (at the publisher’s request) of releasing a snap to a channel after a manual review since an approved manual review doesn’t automatically put the now approved snap into a channel. With the removal of this feature, I can no longer do this.

Note that I don’t usually do this (I’ll just mention to the uploader that she needs to release to a channel herself), but it has proved useful in some particularly time-sensitive instances.


We removed the release form as it was getting very little usage and was incomplete in not handling tracks and branches. The intent was to replace it later with a more fully functional UX for release management that would include those features. That said, it seems we have misjudged the utility for those developers that were relying on it so I will see if we can restore that functionality in the interim.


We have restored the release form on for now.