Issues with snap-store snap in Lubuntu 18.04

I scanned this forum for my problem and don’t see anyone reporting my problem I’m having with Snapcraft Sore app on Lubuntu 18.4. Using the GUI app, I can see the various snap packages, but if I try to install one that is were the problem shows up. It ask for my ubuntu user name i.e email and password. I enter it and click continue, were it just blinks and reports nothing to me. Using the command line under terminal, everything works fine. My login is stored correctly and verified by “Whoami”. Any suggestion would be welcome. Thanks. p.s. Need any screen shots?

Hello! Sorry you’re having issues with this.

What’s the output of snap version, and snap connections snap-store?

Help show version 3.31.2

Same problem with Elementary OS 5.1
Built on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS

clicking continue just blinks. I can login on the website, but not in the desktop app.