Issues refreshing snaps after yesterday core update

Hi All,

error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Setup snap "studio" (1066) security profiles (cannot update mount namespace of snap "studio": cannot update preserved namespace of snap "studio":
update.go:85: cannot change mount namespace according to change unmount (/var/snap/uefi-fw-tools/39 /var/snap/studio/1090 none bind 0 0): device or resource busy
cannot update snap namespace: remove /usr/bin/nmcli: no such file or directory

snap changes:

$ snap changes
ID   Status  Spawn                   Ready                   Summary
785  Done    yesterday at 19:06 UTC  yesterday at 19:06 UTC  Refresh snap "studio"
786  Done    yesterday at 19:06 UTC  yesterday at 19:06 UTC  Change configuration of "core" snap
787  Done    yesterday at 20:02 UTC  yesterday at 20:02 UTC  Install "snappy-debug" snap
788  Done    yesterday at 20:39 UTC  yesterday at 20:40 UTC  Refresh snap "studio"
789  Done    yesterday at 20:40 UTC  yesterday at 20:40 UTC  Change configuration of "core" snap
790  Error   today at 15:19 UTC      today at 15:20 UTC      Refresh snaps "snapd", "studio"
791  Error   today at 15:22 UTC      today at 15:22 UTC      Refresh snap "studio"
792  Error   today at 15:24 UTC      today at 15:24 UTC      Refresh snap "studio"
793  Error   today at 15:27 UTC      today at 15:28 UTC      Refresh snap "studio"
794  Error   today at 15:31 UTC      today at 15:31 UTC      Refresh snap "studio"
795  Error   today at 15:33 UTC      today at 15:34 UTC      Refresh snap "studio"
796  Error   today at 16:29 UTC      today at 16:29 UTC      Refresh snap "studio"
797  Error   today at 16:55 UTC      today at 16:55 UTC      Refresh snap "studio"
798  Error   today at 17:10 UTC      today at 17:11 UTC      Refresh snap "studio"

Do anyone knows if there is something to be aware, related to the last core update?


Can you try running sudo /usr/lib/snapd/snap-discard-ns studio and then try the refresh again?

also what is the output of snap version?

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it solves it, thanks! any idea what was the issue? also how would we roll this out to a fleet of studios without ssh access?

snap version
snap    2.51
snapd   2.51
series  16
kernel  4.15.0-1012-fde

I’m not sure why this is happening, but usually this sort of error has to do with using some combination of layouts and content interfaces, is the studio snap using these at all in the snapcraft.yaml ? If so, that’s probably the issue, since snapd has some bugs around this that pop up once in a while, but we are planning a rewrite of the responsible part of snapd to try to squash all such bugs


The studio snap does use both layouts and a few content interfaces. Fortunately, we caught it before this snap was released to production and reverted the layout change. This seems to fix it on studios that did not already download the latest version.

My concerns are two fold, one - I’m worried any new layout changes might cause this issue to resurface.

Second, as we don’t have the ability to run this command in the field, what if any recourse do we have if somehow this update error happens in customers homes?

Did you try rebooting an affected machine? The problem may go away on a full reboot, as I think all the mount namespace references are stored in /run, which is a tmpfs and thus goes away when the machine is shut down.