Issue with GPG key

Hello. I’ve been working with snap for few weeks, but recently I got a strange issue I was not able to resolve.

Failed to install GPG key: Key must be a single key, not multiple.

I tried to

  • snapcraft clean
  • reinstall snapd & snapcraft
  • remove multipass instance
  • reboot

but nothing worked, so I would like to know if you already encountered this issue and what would be the solution to fix it.

What are you trying to do here?

Just build a snap package

Do you have your account logged in via snapcraft cli tool?

No, I don’t think just using the snapcraft cli tool

Try that once. I really haven’t faced such issue before.

what command(s) are you running that result in a GPG error? Sounds like you may be trying to sign a resulting snap file, but more details would be appreciated to give better advice.

I just entered the following command: snapcraft

Then I got

Launching a VM.

Failed to install GPG key: Key must be a single key, not multiple.
We would appreciate it if you anonymously reported this issue.
No other data than the traceback and the version of snapcraft in use will be sent.

I did try to login but without success.

I’m having this exactly problem as of Snapcraft 7.4.3 (9362) Using the older release i had installed of 7.3.2 (9201) the exact same key succeeds.

I was able to temporarily work around via sudo snap revert --revision=9201 snapcraft on the host machine, but now 7.4.3 has polluted the LXD container image and I can no longer build my snaps.

Please advise, this is a rather critical issue for me

edit bug report is here:

For more details, I have a custom apt repository set with a valid apt key

running lxc --project snapcraft delete base-instance-snapcraft-buildd-base-v00–a12c0d0071c13c372948 seems to have cleared up the issue for me for now

This is happening to me too, specifically with the “steam” snap ( The problem seems to be with this:

  - type: apt
    suites: [stable]
    components: [steam]
    architectures: [amd64, i386]
    key-id: BA1816EF8E75005FCF5E27A1F24AEA9FB05498B7