Issue with fonts in Brave

Non-latin fonts (Japanese, Chinese) don’t seem to work in Brave installed via SNAP.

I’m on Solus OS (Mate Edition). I asked them about it, and they said it was a Snap issue. They said that system fonts can’t be used in Brave due to SNAP confinement, so the SNAP developers will have to fix it. That issue report can be found here:

I am using Brave 0.18.36.

I’m completely new to this SNAP thing, so tell me if I missed something stupid.


AIUI if the snap uses the (new) desktop interface, it should have access to system fonts.

That’s what I get from Desktop: allow access to host system fonts at least.

I just realized I hadn’t refreshed the snap, so I just did that, and bumped to version to 0.19.66.

No progress on Fonts, however.

Well, the current version still isn’t plugging the desktop interface. Until the Brave snap’s developer changes that, the fonts issue will persist.

Again, forgive my lack of Snap knowledge. Is this like a one line fix, or is it something more intricate that should probably be done by someone with good knowledge of the Snap ecosystem?

And is this the right git page?

That looks like it. Adding desktop to the plugs stanza would likely fix the problem. It looks like @Wimpress is most active in that repo, so perhaps he can push out an update.

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