Issue with FHS

Hello, snap seem useful in a way, but what makes it unsuitable for standard environmetns is its conflict with FHS. It has to be placed either under /opt/snap or /usr/local/snap, or use a separate account and reside in its home.
/ is usualy rather small partition with things only vital for basic system run. Everything that is userland and is part of distro should be in /usr (which is much bigger). Everything that has nothing to do with distro itself should reside in /opt folder on in /usr/local tree - while in many instalations /opt is just a symlink to something like /usr/local/opt.
FHS is here to keep unix reliable. I understand that windows and windows like distros use one partition for absolutely everything - but its plain wrong, even from the stupid performance point of view as beginning of physical disks is much faster than the end.

Note that in fact all the snaps are reside in the /var/lib/snapd/snaps directory but not under the /snap directory, the /snap/_snap_identifier_/_snap_revision_ directories are merely SquashFS mountpoints from the snap packages.

Hello, some remarks from a snapd developer point of view

  • snapd does not keep data of significant size in /snap
  • /opt is not appropriate for snapd because distribution packages cannot install anything there, only 3rd party packages can, and even if, there is no mechanism to prevent clashes
  • /snap was picked precisely because it is likely unused, it stores mounted filesystems that don’t belong in any specific spot, it is short and allows people to see the software they have installed without going into a deeply nested directory.