Issue with collaborator access


I have an odd situation that I’d like to get sorted.

I originally registered a snap name. Later, that snap name was moved to be under a different user. The original snap name was revoked. The exact same snap name was then re-registered to another user and I was invited as a collaborator. I can push and release versions of the newly registered snap, but I cannot get revisions of the snap when I run snapcraft list-revisions <snap-name>.


The name of the snap causing this issue is rigado-edge-connect. The way we are integrating with the store is to pull down these revisions and assign them to our hardware to be installed. However, because the revisions of this snap do not show up for my user, even though I am a collaborator, I cannot assign the snap.



@sparkiegeek this reminds me of . Any clues?

@kyrofa yes, it’s another occurrence of the referred bug, namespace conflict on transfers. New transfers will not incur in the same problem.

@estutzenberger I’ve removed the previously conflicting names and now both accounts (yours and the publisher’s) should be working fine. Let me know if you still have problem.

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@cprov @kyrofa Thank you! I can retrieve the expected revision information now.