Is there a way to unregister the name of a snap?

I don’t feel able to create snaps yet. At first I thought maybe I could try, but I’ve had a lot of problems and difficulties. I may have to learn more and try later in time.

The problem is that I have registered two Snaps names and if someone else wants and can create them, I would be “usurping” the name of the project.

I have tried to create “vdrift” and “speed-dreams” snaps. With the first one I had problems with “scons install”, and the second one I managed to create the snap with its dependencies, but it gives me error when executing. So if someone else tries, I don’t want to be an impediment using those names.

Nobody can help me? I don’t want to take the ownership of this projects.

Sorry for the delay getting back to you.

As there’s no direct way for me to correlate your forum account and store account, I have requested confirmation from you via the store. Please reply there and I’ll revoke the names.



Thanks to you. I hope that someone can create Snaps of this two great games. I can’t understand how there are still no packages of these well-known projects. They are really necessary because the only way to enjoy them is making a complicated compilation with multiple dependencies.

I’ll add them to the ever growing list of interesting things to snap one day :smiley:


Thanks a lot !!! I hope to see them soon at the Snap Store. I’ll be watching :wink:

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I’m thinking we need this feature to be able to delete registered name !

@popey an I please request deletion of a registered name that I need to use under another account? Thanks.

@pander what you want is probably a transfer. Please, add the other account as collaborator for your snap, have them accept the sharing invitation that they’ll receive, and then let me know which snap you need transferred.

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@roadmr Thanks. I have added a collaborator to nuspell, ownership can be transferred to the NuspellDevOps account please.

I’ve transferred the snap as requested :slight_smile: