Is there a way to share a app to others?

Is there a way to share an app by putting a link on a webpage like its done for ios or android?

I mean somethink like this :
It would be great to have also a share button on the software center, but this is another story…

Is the only way to tell the users to search for an app in the software center or to type a command?

You should be able to open links like snap:$package_name on Ubuntu, and have gnome-software open to the description page of the relevant snap. Firefox pops up a confirmation dialog, but it works for me locally.

@jamesh I tried that, it works pretty well on firefox, on Opera it does not seem to work, it starts a google search.

I’ve then seen that there is a website listing all snaps:
in my case:

I think, that there should be something like this form an official site.
Is this site deprected? it shows very old ubuntu versions in the side panel…

It looks to be the same with Chromium (and I assume Chrome): I guess they aren’t using URL scheme handlers registered via shared-mime-info like Firefox is. If I understand it right, what you’re after is a web link that will either

  1. launch gome-software to the details page of your snap so the user can install it on supported systems, or
  2. show information about the snap, plus describe how the user can install snapd on their system (assuming this is possible).

The snap: URLs only really handle (1), and only if the user is running Firefox. The site may be a better fit, but as a third party site it may not always be reliable. It does show an “Install” link with a snap: URI scheme, so perhaps it is the best fit at this point in time.