Is there a thing, when 'one app lags == all the OS lags' with snappy?

I meet the situations like in post name, when OS became non-usable when some app like Inkscape or Gimp or even simple desktop wallpaper preferences in Unity lagging, I can’t do anything. xkill not starting up then too with my hotkeys (Ctrl+8).

And I hear somewhere that Snappy have sandboxing. Logically this mean that situations like described here cannot be with it?

I think we need some more data to diagnose this issue. Of course there could be a snap related issue, or it could be something else entirely.

What platform is this on - what’s the output of snap version?
What specification is your computer? - CPU and RAM?
If you open a terminal and leave “top” running, what bubbles up to the top of the list when you’re experiencing this problem?
Is there anything around the time of the issue in dmesg -T which looks like an error?

It looks like you misunderstand me. I didn’t mean this issue related to snappy, i asking if it related to it too.

Ubuntu 17.04 Gnome 32Bit, 8GB Ram.

Having many instances of Inkscape and one instance of Gimp and Opera with around of 100 tabs running is very uncomfortable performance. Opening new instance of one of this almost stopping my system to responding, I cannot launch terminal, cannot close any app, cannot click anything to that moment, when this sh*t fully load. So I only wanted to ask if snappy apps have the same issue?

//ps: In Unity I had less of this problems.

Sure, I understand.

Do you have any swap space configured?

I have seen what you describe when the system is running low on RAM and there is zero swap space. In that case I have noticed the kswapd process consumes a lot of CPU time and the system becomes unresponsive.

I opened 12 svg files now for testing, minimized and unminimized. I need to wait around 1.5-2 minutes and even get ‘not responding’ dialog.

8% of ram is free, 60 or some more percent consumed by browser and empty (no project) Gimp window. 4GB (says 3.7) for swap, 0.1% is used now.

Edit: forget to add, even if I have 30-50% of ram free result is suprisingly the same, tested without browser before.

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