Is there a app availble like flatseal

I am a flatpak and snap mixed user and i use both for some apps in snap and some in flatpak. So i manage permission and other stuff in flatseal but i don’t know how to do that in snap if you know how to and it shoud be availble

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From the command line you can see the interfaces used by a snap package with snap connections, and then connect/disconnect specific plugs using snap connect and `snap disconnect. @hellsworth, do you know any GUI-based application to do that?

$ snap connections dosbox-x
Interface        Plug                      Slot             Notes
audio-playback   dosbox-x:audio-playback   :audio-playback  -
desktop          dosbox-x:desktop          :desktop         -
desktop-legacy   dosbox-x:desktop-legacy   :desktop-legacy  -
home             dosbox-x:home             :home            -
network          dosbox-x:network          :network         -
network-bind     dosbox-x:network-bind     :network-bind    -
opengl           dosbox-x:opengl           :opengl          -
removable-media  dosbox-x:removable-media  -                -
unity7           dosbox-x:unity7           :unity7          -
wayland          dosbox-x:wayland          :wayland         -
x11              dosbox-x:x11              :x11             -
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thanks but it is. not what i was looking for we reaally need a snapseal app like flatseal.

For a GUI Application that manages Snap Package permissions, you can use Ubuntu Software - I get that this isn’t very convenient if you’re not using Ubuntu. Unfortunately, that’s the only GUI I know of to do so.


@lucyllewy is right, Ubuntu Software and Snap Store have a “permissions” button that can be easier to use than managing connections from the command line:

just a note that the snap-store is a snap so you can run it on non-ubuntu systems just fine to manage your permissions via GUI …

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i use commend line for snap snap store is not that good does not support flatpak or deb .rpm apps actually.

it does support debian packages as well as snaps (and is the default package manager GUI app on all recent Ubuntu releases)