Is the back-end server open source?


Hi, when you do snapcraft push myapp.snap and it goes to the server, is that server itself open source? If so, where can I find the code?

Thank you!


AFAIK the store is a python+django-based application. It is currently proprietary and there haven’t been any announcements about whether the source is going to be opened or not. There used to be a third-party application that re-implemented the APIs and the source code to that application was available, but it has since been abandoned and is no-longer compatible with the current store APIs.


Thanks for the info and taking the time to reply!

I’ll add my 2cents that an open source backend makes Snap more appealing than Flatpak (for me, at least). I just had a great experience with Snap, but the proprietary backend is a reason for me to not invest a lot of time into it. It means a single point of failure for the project, and could potentially result in users getting backed into a corner.

Thanks again for your reply.