Is the Skype Snap Still Maintained?

I’m just wondering if the Skype snap package is still being maintained. Apparently it hasn’t been updated since November 2018, and it seems to be a couple of versions behind.

Version 8.44 is available on flathub and the DEB package on is version 8.45.
The snap store however has version 8.34 (or 8.43 on the Insider channel).

Just wondering what the story is there.
Best Regards and Thanks in Advance.

The Skype snap is maintained by Skype themselves along with the deb. The flatpak is a re-package of the deb, so will likely follow that.

There may be some technical reason why the Skype snap hasn’t been updated in the stable channel recently, and as the maintainer of the snap, you’re better off asking Skype about that rather than us.

Much appreciated… Thank’s for the info.

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@WalJT I opened this question in the Skype forum:

But still got no “official” response.

@popey I know that it’s up to Microsoft, but many months have gone without any news from them…shouldn’t Canonical push for/help them to keep it more or less updated?

IMHO having such a “mainstream” snap badly outdated hurts the entire snap ecosystem.

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