Is the jq snap still maintained?

Hey there!

On my current project, I have to use jq version 1.6 - so I had a look at the snap store and found this snap, which is maintained by Canonical:

  1. Is there a reason why version 1.6 is not built for the armhf or arm64 architectures?
  2. Can you explain to me why version 1.6 (released in 2018) is still not in the stable channel? Did you experience any issues?
  3. Is jq-snap : Code : “Snappy Developers” team the repository of this snap? It would be nice if you could improve the snaps description to link to the correct repo because it is hard finding the right project on Launchpad.
  4. What is the difference between the snap mentioned above and Install jq-core18 on Linux | Snap Store Does Ubuntu Core somehow require a different snap? Is this related to the base option in the snapcraft.yaml?

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@mvo can probably answer this as it seems this is their snap. However, the release in edge looks like it was built for all the architectures the store supports:

That does look to be correct. The problem with exposing details about a source location is that not every snap in the store is opensource so the the authors will likely want to keep such details about how they build and develop private.

The jq-core18 snap is based on the Bionic release of Ubuntu (with a base snap of core18) while the jq snap is based on the Xenial release (base snap of core).