Is it possible to move a Snap applications to an NFS mount and symlink to it?

So I’m playing around with a bunch of VMs and I was inspired by this thing I’m doing in my job where our Flatpaks themselves are hosted in a single server and the workstations’ /var/lib/flatpak directory is symlinked to it.

Would it be possible to do the same with snaps, or do they need to be mounted (as opposed to symlink)?

Edit: tried the following (but no dice):

  • symlink from nfs mount to /var/lib/snapd
  • add the autofs config for snapd directory to /var/lib/snapd

Edit 2: got curious and moved my ~/snap to my NFS mount, and it’s the same thing. bummer :frowning: I don’t wanna move my home to NFS server in case of a networking issue and I won’t be able to login, and I wanna be able to make sure that I can keep the config files separate for various DE’s (to prevent a potential mess) so I only want documents, pictures, downloads, etc. to be shared.