Is it possible to make a snap package auto-update only if there are security updates?


I generally like the fact that snaps auto-update, but for me it doesn’t make any sense to have some of them updated, unless there is a security fix.

E.g., I have installed some video editing software on my PC, but I don’t use it more than once a year.

I don’t want to download updates for it every month or every week, if there is no security fix to be applied.

Is it possible to make the snap service update it only if there are security updates available?

I haven’t found anything related to that on the documentation, and the available options don’t seem to fit my needs.

I think it is a reasonable requirement, that Ubuntu itself seems to fulfil for its APT updates (security updates are installed automatically, the rest manually).

We don’t have such a feature in snapd for a snap revision to be marked as a “security” update versus a normal update, though I believe folks have requested a snap publisher be able to make this distinction before, you might look through the bugs at and mark yourself as affected if you find one or if not file a new one. Thanks

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I have posted in as a blueprint here: