Is it possible to drop an unsupported architecture from the store?


While experimenting with the build.snapcraft service I inadvertently built mir-test-tools for s390x which got pushed to latest/edge automatically. That build is unwanted, has incorrect content, and I have no capability for, nor interest in, supporting s390x for this snap.

I’m now getting reminders that this upload contains outdated libraries. Is there a way to remove the s390x architecture for from the store?


Note the revisions in each architecture/channel. Close the channel(s), then re-publish the non-s390x revisions to their channels, and don’t re-publish the s390x one.


I tried that and got it removed from the /releases management page. That’s progress thank!

Sadly, it is still there on the store page in the nested dropdown for “Show architecture”. (Maybe that just needs time to propagate?)


^ @pheurton does the storefront cache architectures? Can that be flushed?