Is it possible to complete snap installation without rebooting

I’m writing a snap-store install script for RPiOS.
the official documentation says to reboot after installing snapd with apt, I tried and saw that it isn’t necessary to reboot at this point. so I proceeded to install snap core and snap-store.
but now I have a problem. the menu shortcut for snap-store doesn’t appear until I reboot.
my question: can I make the snap-store menu shortcut appear without rebooting?

any help is appreciated!

the documentation I used:

it is necessary to log out an back in again. some desktop related variables are only updated at the login process level … i.e. you wont find freshly installed apps in any desktop menu since the search location for snap .desktop files is not in the searchlist … the same thing goes for your PATH, /snap/bin is only added to it after a restart. so while snaps will technically work, a reboot is required to get all its features.

Thanks for answering!

I meant it isn’t necessary to reboot to continue and install snaps, at that point all I want to install snap core and snap-store.

if I understood you correctly, it isn’t possible to make the menu shortcuts appear until a log out-login, and to make snaps to fully work a reboot is needed.

is there any way to at least temporarily make the menu shortcuts appear until a reboot?

not that i know of, sorry … also note that this will only work for XDG compliant window managers (openbox and such will need manual treatment anyway)

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