Is it possible to alter the "walled garden" of a pre-existing Snap?

I ran into a confusing error attempting to use a Snap package of OpenSCAD within FreeCAD. There is a path problem which boils down to: FreeCAD wants to play with OpenSCAD in the /tmp, but the Snap package instead works in /tmp/snap.openscad-nightly/tmp. This setup is incompatible with the FreeCAD workflow, and due to my ignorance of how Snap packages work, I wrongly assumed it was in error.

The simple solution is to not use a snap package of OpenSCAD-nightly to work in FreeCAD. This is easily achieved, and nothing in the nightly package is necessary for that work.

However, for curiosity’s sake, I’d like to know if it is possible to do a hard solution:

Can I modify an existing Snap package (which I did not create) such that temporary files operate in the system default /tmp rather than inside of the walled ecosystem? Furthermore, can this modification be done easily and programmatically by an end-user?