Is it possible to add dtb file in /boot?

I want to update my hardware from imx.6ul to imx.6ull. Their package are pin2pin. And the image i used is built just for 6ul. Only imx_6ul.dtb in it. But i have done a lot of work on 6ul. Is it possible to add dtb file in /boot file so that i can flash the same image to the new device?

I download kernel from But i find it have memory leak while running. So if it’s impossible, i want to rebuild the image for the new device. May i ask for the lastest kerenl address? Thanks!

You should really ask the creator of this image (this is not really an official image) i guess their github tree allows to file issues.

Independently of the unsupported nature of this image, you should indeed be able to just add an additional devicetree to the kernel snap if all the required build options are available to provide the devices this devicetree manages. You need to also make sure that your gadget loads this device tree from

With the right changes in both snaps this is surely possible.

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