Is missing dependency and build info?

What is the full purpose of this file? I assumed to get up and running locally to develop Snapcraft and push up code for PRs.

If this is the case, I wasn’t sure how to build the project, if at all (since it is Python).

Also, many Ubuntu packages seem to be missing from the instructions. For example, each time I tried to run tests locally, I noticed another package I was missing. Particularly with VCSs such as Subversion, Mercurial, etc. I see packages such as those mentioned in .travis.yml but not on this page. Is this something we should be copying over to

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The missing dependencies are in debian/control - I’m guessing is not always updated because we don’t have a unit test for it.

I went through those instructions from a clean install a while back. Is it the wording that is wrong?

Unless it is the recent VCS additions, we can sort that or feel free to create a PR for that

I don’t think the wording is wrong though it can be improved.

VCS is definitely part of it. When running ./, I got failures for not having svadmin and hg. doesn’t mention to install them. I can easily create a PR for that. I also got errors related to running some git commands, though I do have git. I’ll look into the cause of that more though

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I would prefer reworking those unit tests but we should add the dependencies to hacking for now.

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