Is freecad snap maintained?

I am using Freecad installed through snap and it seems that it is not updated since march:

❯ snap info freecad
name:    freecad
summary: This is the freecad 0.18 release supporting OCCT 7 / Netgen and many
  other features
publisher: Jean-Marie Verdun (vejmarie)
license:   unset
description: |
  This package is providing FreeCAD 0.18. As well as a preview of 0.19
  (coming up) when installed with the channel beta option
  - freecad
snap-id:      6gjU50q0lEDaMTtSUxYoVDSmjR5fERpB
tracking:     latest/stable
refresh-date: 2021-03-13
  latest/stable:    0.19 2021-03-13 (22) 654MB -
  latest/candidate: 0.18 2020-07-01 (15) 570MB -
  latest/beta:      0.19 2021-03-13 (22) 654MB -
  latest/edge:      0.17 2019-02-05  (6) 279MB -
installed:          0.19            (22) 654MB -

Even the version in the impish repositories is more updated.

It is semi-maintained, I guess. It’s attached to the CADCloud project (, so it mainly serves the needs of that project.

I grew a little frustrated and tried to propose a more open process for developing said snap, but didn’t get very far:

As a consequence, I started listing my personal (and somewhat experimental) snap in the store: It mostly represents my idea of how freecad should be packaged, but I’m not a heavy user of FreeCAD and thus can’t promise completeness in every regard. Development & building takes place here:

There are daily builds from master in edge and the latest release (0.19.2) in stable.

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I understand your frustration and I greatly appreciate that you took the effort of having an alternative solution. I will try your snap, I don’t like having to add a PPA just for Freecad.


To whom it may concern: A snap of RealThunder’s well-known Link branch has been published:

It is based on the freecad-ppd snap, so no (or very little) duplicating of effort, yay.