Is bootloader update possible?

I am working to port ubuntu core on imx8mq based board.

This board requires the bootloader binary (flash.bin = ATF + U-Boot + Optee OS + few other firmware) to be placed at the 33K offset on the SD card.

Volumes are implemented in gadget.yaml like below to accommodate the above requirement,

    bootloader: u-boot
    schema: mbr
      - name: u-boot
        type: bare
        size: 3342848
        offset: 33792
          - image: flash.bin
      - name: system-boot
        type: 0C
        filesystem: vfat
        filesystem-label: system-boot
        size: 128M

Can bootloader(flash.bin) be updated by gadget snap refresh/update?

I think it will be risky to update flash.bin as any power cut kind of event will brick the board, but is it possible to update it through snap refresh/update mechanisms?


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