Is aws-cli legit?


Although I really like the idea of having a snap of aws-cli, I haven’t seen any mentions of the snap in the AWS documentation (at least I wasn’t able to find any). In this case it has a “Verified account” tick, but I still find strange that they don’t mention this package at all. So my question is, how can we snap users, verify the identity of the publishers?


well, you can actually trust the green tick … this checkmark is only given to verified upstream publishers so you can be sure it is form the aws people even though they do not promote it in the docs (you should probably ask them why they do not do that)

Ok, thanks. I’ve opened an issue in the awsdocs repository. Out of curiosity, may I ask which is the process for a publisher to become verified? The only link that I found in the docs was not very clear about it.


The AWS CLI packaging is currently supported by the AWS operating system partners team at AWS. While it is not maintained at this time by the AWS SDK team, it is supported and you can file a support case with AWS support or customer service if you require assistance.

You can also reach out to me directly on #snappy on freenode (davdunc)


adding that we have moved to the awscli2 now.