Interractive installation snap-store with .deb file


I’m packaging a propriatary application for multiple platforms (windows, macOS, debian and ubuntu), I’m generating a .deb file for linux platforms.

I need to display an EULA, and check if the user has validated it. So I used the preinst script, and used debconf to display the message and check for validation which seems to be the correct way of doing it. It works fine with dpkg and gdebi.

On ubuntu, it seems that snap-store is used by default to install .deb file when using GUI. And the installation of the deb file is made with DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive, which disable the display of the EULA and possibility to accept or refuse it.

Is there a way to force the installation in interactive mode when using snap-store with GUI ? Or is there an other way to communicate with snap-store withing the .deb file so that snap-store displays the message and questions ?