Internal Server Errror on builds page


I hope I am posting this in the right area, let me know if I should redirect it. I am trying to access the builds page for our snap and am getting an “Internal Server Error” (screenshot below). I checked the status page and it looks like everything is green. Can someone help troubleshoot why the builds are inaccessible?



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I have the same erro here. Brazil 26 ago 2020 17:37
I guess that a problema with server of snapcraft.
If a person wil can solve this, we thank.

Same here. I was planning to update my snap when I discovered that the link to Github changed. When I tried to update my settings, I got an error on the build page.


thanks for the notifying the issue. We have released a missed configuration. The service should be back online now.

In case this error comes back please reopen this issue: