Internal Server Error on Builds page for Tautulli Snap

after trigger a new build on tautulli snap, something went very bad: every time I now click on build tab I got this

from the release tab I see 2 new releases, but the version name is wrong… I don’t know.

Can you please check?
Thank you!

I also get this situation in past 24 hours, but I check the service status is all right.

Yeah, I still experiencing the same issue, kinda happy I’m not alone :slightly_frowning_face:

Same here. So possibly broken for all?

The status page only shows, which is working. Builds themselves also seem to work. I can trigger new builds via commits on GitHub and see the new versions show up under Releases after some time. Only the Builds tab is broken.

Hi, sorry for the troubles on the builds tab - can you please file a bug at and the web team can investigate. Thanks!

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Thank you @noise for your input, issue #3099 opened.


This issue is now solved.

On this tab, there are some operations to estimate the time to build the Snap based on the number of workers and the queue size from Launchpad, this information is accessible for users here , yesterday we didn’t get the number of builders from the Launchpad API, and a ZeroDivisionError exception was raised as @toto mention on the GitHub issue.

Thank you!