Interface to change display brightness?

I have this program published as snap (currently devmode), it changes screen brightness when requested over http.

This along with a Chrome/Firefox extension increases screen brightness of my laptop when goes fullscreen and resets it back when it exists fullscreen.

the hardware-observe interface allows to read current brightness value but (obviously) does not allow to write it. Is there such an interface that I could use to change screen brightness in a “strict” snap ?

For my usecase, I need to write to /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness but I guess different GPU drivers have different paths to write to.

@jdstrand ping. Do you think if there is something today that we can use or do we need a special interface for that ?

There is nothing in the current policy that would allow that. If someone wanted to submit a PR to snapd, we could review it. This feels like a new interface, but I’m not sure what the name of it should be.

I wonder if a new interface called display-control would make sense here. @pedronis, @niemeyer, thoughts?

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‘display-control’ should be quick to implement it and I’ve added it to my list of updates for 2.37 in case someone else doesn’t beat me to it.



This is super exciting, thanks very much for creating that pull request :slight_smile: