Interface auto-connect request for OpenSearch snap

Hello, In order to enable the performance analyzer OpenSearch plugin, the /dev/shm/performanceanalyzer directory must be read / written by OpenSearch.

I would like to request approval and auto-connect of the system-files: performance-analyzer plug defined here.

Thank you

Hey @medib,

Any chance this can be adjusted to be /{dev,run}/shm/snap.@{SNAP_INSTANCE_NAME}? As per the base template: this is allowed without requiring any interface at all.

@medib - ping, can you please confirm if the requested adjustment can be considered?

@medib hey,

This request cannot proceed without the requested information.


Hey @emitorino,

Thanks for following up on this! I’m not sure how i missed the previous messages (sorry!).

I am working on testing your suggestion, will report back as soon as I get some results.


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So it seems that the path can be configurable, so /dev/shm/snap.${SNAP_INSTANCE_NAME}/performanceanalyzer/ would work (I assume having an additional directory level below snap.${SNAP_INSTANCE_NAME} is ok?).

However, the plugin requires the said directory to be already created, and I can’t seem to be able to do it from the install hook (in --jailmode at least).

mkdir -p "/dev/shm/snap.${SNAP_INSTANCE_NAME}/performanceanalyzer/" throws a “cannot create directory ‘/dev/shm/snap.opensearch’: Permission denied” error.

Do I perhaps need some system-files -> write plug on the install hook for this?

I think you might be able to use the private option with the shared-memory interface in that case (since you then get a private /dev/shm which you can do what you want with, but only within your snap, it cannot be shared with other snaps etc).

Thanks @alexmurray! having a dedicated /dev/shm would be fine in this case.

It does seem however that i’m still unable to create a directory under /dev/shm.

    interface: shared-memory
    private: true

    daemon: simple
      - shmem-perf-analyzer

The service attempts to create the said directory: (also tried to manually do it on the install hook)

==> apparmor="DENIED" operation="mkdir" class="file" profile="snap.opensearch.daemon" name="/dev/shm/performanceanalyzer/" pid=71584 comm="java" requested_mask="c" denied_mask="c" fsuid=584788 ouid=584788

Can you try running the following (hopefully have the right name of the profile):

grep /dev/shm /var/lib/snapd/apparmor/profiles/snap.opensearch.daemon

Also what is the output of: snap connections opensearch?

Here is the output:

> grep /dev/shm /var/lib/snapd/apparmor/profiles/snap.opensearch.daemon

  # App-specific access to files and directories in /dev/shm. We allow file
  # access in /dev/shm for shm_open() and files in subdirectories for open()
# Description: Allow access to everything in private /dev/shm
"/dev/shm/*" mrwlkix,

And the list of connections:

> snap connections opensearch

Interface        Plug                              Slot              Notes
log-observe      opensearch:log-observe            :log-observe      manual
mount-observe    opensearch:mount-observe          :mount-observe    manual
network          opensearch:network                :network          -
network-bind     opensearch:network-bind           :network-bind     -
process-control  opensearch:process-control        :process-control  manual
shared-memory    opensearch:shmem-perf-analyzer    :shared-memory    -
system-files     opensearch:sys-fs-cgroup-service  :system-files     manual
system-observe   opensearch:system-observe         :system-observe   manual

Ah apologies, I see now that I was confused about how snapd was preparing the AppArmor profile in this case - and so the profile does not contain all the permissions that I had thought it would.

However, what is there is correct for shared-memory with private: true - I wonder if perhaps snapd should be updated to use a more permissive rule for the Allow access to everything in private /dev/shm case, ie:

"/dev/shm/**" mrwlkix,

which would allow to create directories under this path (rather than just files) - it would be worth testing this by editing the profile by hand to make this change (ie. make the single asterisk in this rule a double asterisk) and then running apparmor_parser -r /var/lib/snapd/apparmor/profiles/snap.opensearch.daemon and then re-start the opensearch daemon and see if this is then allowed.

If so we could look at making an update to this interface in snapd to support this use-case.

@jamesh since you did the original work on the private shared memory interface I would be interested to get your thoughts on this proposed change. Thanks.

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I don’t see any obvious security problems with allowing a snap with private shared-memory access to create and access subdirectories under /dev/shm.

The application use case seems a bit weird though, since /dev/shm is really only there to support the POSIX shared memory and semaphore APIs. If they want to store other temporary files, /tmp is the obvious choice. But if modifying the upstream is not on the cards, the AppArmor change seems reasonable.

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Thank you! the double asterisks ** fixes it. I can make a PR - it seems straightfoward. (PR)

Now (after this test), It seems I will also need read access to /proc/p_id/task/task_id/schedstat, do you think it would make sense I patch the system-observe interface by adding @{PROC}/*/{,task/*/}schedstat r,?

audit[121170]: AVC apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" class="file" profile="snap.opensearch.daemon" name="/proc/121170/task/121647/schedstat" pid=121170 comm="pa-collectors-t" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=584788 ouid=584788

Thank you for the PR. @pedronis is this something you can look at please?

Hi @medib,

I see this PR has been merged. It’s been one month since we last discussed and I see opensearch successfully published in the store, so what’s the status of this request?

Hi @emitorino - both PRs were merged - I’m waiting for the new version of snapd 2.60.1 to be released on stable, so those changes can be picked up. Once that’s done, I can enable the performance analyzer on the OpenSearch snap (which currently doesn’t support the said plugin) Please feel free to mark it as done - thanks

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Thanks for the confirmation @medib. I am then removing this request from our review queue. Feel free to write here again if for some reasons you experience issues with the new snapd version.


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