Interface auto-connect for curv snap

Hi folks,

I’d like to request auto-connect to home interface for curv snap. Reasoning is: Curv is a programming language designed to help making shapes and/or “things” for 3D printing. Shapes are saved in files, so they can be modified or even exported, if needed. As such, it makes sense (to me, at least) to be able to access home folders in order to save the designs.

Let me know if you need more info.

Store entry:

The home interface is already auto-connected on classic distro. Are you requesting it be connected on Ubuntu Core systems as well? They don’t typically have login users so it is unclear why curv would need home auto-connected there.

Sorry, I must have misunderstood documentation then. Was under impression it should be explicitly requested.

Please, ignore the call. Thanks for the info.