Installing snap on Raspberry Pi fails

I’m following the instructions here

I get down to the step that says
sudo snap install core
Error: snap core is not available on stable for this architecture (armel) but exists for other architectures…
I have an older Raspberry Pi 2B
Am I missing something else or is it simply not possible to install on this old hardware?

Not possible, I can tell you the snap store doesn’t even know about the armel architecture. It’s likely the distribution builds the snapd Debian package for that architecture but it will be useless as the snap store has no snaps that work on it.

Unless I’m mistaken, the Raspberry Pi 2B is a ARMv7 and has an FPU, so it should support the armhf architecture.

See also:

So, it would seem that the guide is wrong or incomplete. Or maybe snapd recently introduced some checks that make this fail.

More research has shown me that my Pi is older than I thought. It’s a Model B version 2

Wikipedia says this processor is a BCM2835
I’m not exactly sure what that means.

I’m actually trying to install “Let’s Encrypt” so I can install a ssl certificate on the Apache web server.
Perhaps I can find a way to install it that doesn’t require Snap.

Thanks for your replies guys.

it clearly says Pi1 … the pi1 is an ARMv6 processor, ubuntu only supports ARMv7 and onwards … the base snaps (core, core18 and core20) that snap packages use as their runtime environment are built from packages in the ubuntu archive (which are ARMv7 (armhf) packages) … snaps will not run on this hardware.