Installing snap on Manjaro Linux

Snap is often installed by default on Manjaro, especially if you’re using a KDE Plasma desktop. If not, or if it’s been removed, it can easily be installed.

The easiest way to install Snap is from Manjaro’s Add/Remove Software application (Pamac), found in the launch menu. From the application, search for snapd, select the result, and click Apply.

An optional dependency is bash completion support, which we recommend leaving enabled when prompted.

Alternatively, snapd can be installed from the command line:

sudo pacman -S snapd

Once installed, the systemd unit that manages the main snap communication socket needs to be enabled:

sudo systemctl enable --now snapd.socket

To enable classic snap support, enter the following to create a symbolic link between /var/lib/snapd/snap and /snap:

sudo ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap

Restart your system to ensure snap’s paths and AppArmor are initialised and updated correctly.

To test your system, install the hello-world snap and make sure it runs correctly:

$ sudo snap install hello-world
hello-world 6.3 from Canonical✓ installed
$ hello-world
Hello World!

Snap is now installed and ready to go! If you’re using a desktop, a great next step is to install the Snap Store app.

IIRC snapd was quite outdated in Manjaro. I’ve opened a PR to their community repo updating snapd to 2.32.6, which was the latest version at that time. Unfortunately it has gotten no reviews so far. Maybe we should recommend the users to use AUR instead for now?

Meanwhile, I’ll update the PR to 2.35 once I push the new version to AUR and will try to get someone from the devs to have a look at it.

Edit: the PR to packages-community repo is right here:

Thanks for the heads-up! I’ve switched the instructions to use the AUR version for now.

The GitHub repos have been marked read-only for a while now so PRs there haven’t been monitored. Manjaro packages switched to, and in particular:

This was flagged out-of-date by a user on the Manjaro forum so is going through the normal update process.

In future, feel free to file an issue on the Manjaro forum, the GitLab instance, or ping a team member directly via email. Pointing users to the AUR is not the best solution. :wink:

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Thanks for letting us know. We’ll take a look and update the docs accordingly.

Newest package in pacman (2.39.3) creates sudo ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap automatically. As a matter of fact snapd will not update unless this link is removed and recreated by package itself (!).

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Thanks for letting us know! I’ll update the doc.

Had to also do a sudo systemctl start snapd.socket after restart.

on Manjaro there is a last step to do: sudo ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap

Thanks so much for letting us know! And sorry this was missed off in the first place. I’ve updated the doc.

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I think sudo snap install core should be included before installing hello-world

Thanks for taking the trouble to let us know. I’ve just tried this, and core should be installed automatically when hello-world is installed.