Installing snap on Kali Linux

:warning: Installing snap from a live Kali Linux environment is not currently supported. These instructions only work when Kali Linux is installed.

From a Kali Linux installation, snap can be installed directly from the command line:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install snapd

If the sudo command isn’t installed (usually because a root password was provided at install time), you can install snap by first switching to the root account:

$ su root
# apt update
# apt install snapd

Additionally, enable and start both the snapd and the snapd.apparmor services with the following command:

$ systemctl enable --now snapd apparmor

Either log out and back in again, or restart your system, to ensure snap’s paths are updated correctly.

To test your system, install the hello-world snap and make sure it runs correctly:

$ snap install hello-world
hello-world 6.3 from Canonical✓ installed
$ hello-world
Hello World!

See Missing binaries if snaps are not added to the system path.

Snap is now installed and ready to go! If you’re using a desktop, a great next step is to install the Snap Store app.


if you go and check that link (
it shows that it closed

Status closed

and I checked in my kali instance

so, you can remove the:

also, instead of

you can just do one command

$ systemctl enable --now snapd apparmor
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That’s great to hear! I updated the docs, thanks!


Just so y’all know, i had to preface hello-world with “snap run” in order to get it to run. typing hello-world by itself didn’t work.

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Thank you! That’s how it runs the apps in latest Kali version… with snap run prefix. Should update the documentation for others… :wink: