Installing snap application off-line

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I have read the tutorial which explains how to download a snap file locally to be able to install it afterwards even on a machine without internet access. The explanations are really good and, in fact, I was able to download a snap file I was interested in, but when I tried to install it on a machine with no internet access the installation process aborted. The first command given was the one for the assertion (“snap ack”) and everything went flawlessly, but when I gave the “setup install” to install the snap I received this message:

error: cannot perform the following tasks:

with immediate installation abortion. Now the question is: the tutorial expressely says that the possibility to download the snap files is given to grant the ability to carry out installations without a connection, but which is the sense and usefulness of it if afterwards the installation process wants to access internet anyway?

Note: I am using a Debian 10.0 Buster.

Thanks a lot, folks! All the best!

The Fish

$ snap info --verbose x16emu|grep base
base:    core18

i bet you are not having the core18 snap installed on your offline machine, you should install this first …

Hi ogra, you’ve got it! It made the job, thank you very much!

I’ll be seeing you, all the best!

The Fish.

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