Installing private snap package

I push snap package into snapstore. Which is all the libraries Qt version 5.11
In the plans to test the application of which need libraries of Qt and they will be external.
When I push the package I made it private.
The question is, how can I install it or other users?
Or it should be moved to another branch, if so how correctly to do it?
The package has name qtlibraries_1.0_amd64.snap

Only a snap’s developer or collaborators can install private snaps.

However, I don’t suggest you make other users collaborators, because that also gives them permissions to release, close or publish updates to your snap.

If you want others to be able to install it, you must make it non-private.

If you want the snap to not appear in searches by default, so users aren’t likely to find and install it unless you tell them it exists, what you can do is publish the snap on the edge channel only (right now it’s not published on any channel).

For this:

snapcraft release qtlibraries 1 edge

and users will need to install it specifying the channel explicitly:

snap install qtlibraries --channel=edge

Thx for answere.
I was do what you wrote me

snapcraft release qtlibraries 1 edge
Track    Arch    Channel    Version    Revision
latest   amd64   stable     -          -
                 candidate  -          -
                 beta       -          -
                 edge       1.0        1
The 'edge' channel is now open.

but the package can not be found
sudo snap install qtlibraries --channel=edge --devmode
error: snap “qtlibraries” not found (at least in channel “edge”)


This is because the snap is still private. Remember:


  1. Release it on the edge channel
  2. Make it non-private

with this:

  1. It will not appear in snap find qtlibraries results
  2. But users to whom you tell the snap name will be able to install it with --channel=edge

Thank you.
I realized where I did not complete the settings with privacy.

Bear in mind we are changing that behavior soon and search (snap find and on will start returning results for snaps in any of the risk channels.

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is there an update on this? i have a snap in the beta channel in could not find nor install it. i tried it when the app is public as well as private.

snap find and both find snaps in non-stable channels today, but Ubuntu Software doesn’t yet.

Which snap were you looking for? What happens when you try to find it with snap find or install it with snap install --channel=beta? Note that you still need to specify a non-stable channel for install, but if you forget it’ll suggest it:

$ snap install foo
error: snap "foo" is not available on stable but is available to install on the following

       beta       snap install --beta foo

       Please be mindful pre-release channels may include features not completely tested or
       implemented. Get more information with 'snap info foo'.