Installed wireless-tools snap on Ubuntu core 16, iwconfig command not working

I have installed wireless-tools snap on Ubuntu Core 16, I believe iwconfig is part of this snap, however I do not find it in the /sbin directory, due to which I am unable to run commands like iwconfig, iwlist etc

@ogra Do you have any information on this

$ snap info wireless-tools
  - wireless-tools.iw
  - wireless-tools.iwconfig
  - wireless-tools.iwevent
  - wireless-tools.iwgetid
  - wireless-tools.iwpriv
  - wireless-tools.iwspy
  - wireless-tools.rfkill

(you also find all snap commands in /snap/bin )

Thanks, I can see the commands in the below snapshot

I also have permissions to execute them, still unable to execute

this is not how you use snap commands … you execute what you find in /snap/bin … trying to run anything from /snap/<snapname>/ will not work …

to execute iwconfig from the wireless-tools snap you run it as:


I have tried that as well, but with no luck. Snapshot below


hmm, that looks like an actual bug in the package … though i also thnk that iwconfig is deprecated, try using wireless-tools.iw (also do not forget to connect all interfaces of wireless-tools you need for this)


yeah, there is a stage-packages: entry missing for libiw30 in: