Installed a snap, how do I launch it?

All of this Snap is new to me and to be honest the last thing we need is ANOTHER package manager. This is all out of control if you ask me with docker, brew, snap, packman and the like. Its all too much to learn the specifics of installing before you even run the app you will need to learn.

I installed VDR from Snap on Raspbian (Raspberry Pi 3) per the tutorial here

I am interested in the server on the Pi3 so I ran

snap set vdr-server streamdev=true

Which is what I could get out of the far too brief instructions of how to activate the server. There was then a response flashed by, something about “snap hook”.

Then from what I have read elsewhere, I should be able to launch the VDR service after it is installed with

sudo systemctl start vdr

Failed to start vdr.service: Unit vdr.service not found

By the response you can see that does not work.

Even a reboot fails to start the service as there is no service installed.

If these “snaps” require specific instructions to make them work, then we need the specific instructions too.

How do I launch VDR when installed this way? More specific instruction in that far too brief tutorial should be considered.

This is as bad as some of those open source installers on Mac, like “brew”, which installs apps that do not seem to integrate well with the Mac.