Install snapd without apt?

Is there a way to install snapd without using apt on Trisquel (my distro)?

I want to install Certbot using snapd. snapd isn’t in Trisquel’s repository, so I can’t install it with apt. I’ve previously installed a .deb by downloading it from a website, but I can’t find a .deb for snapd on

[ edit: CLARIFICATION – i can’t recommend this route. I’m not familiar with your distribution. User beware! :slight_smile: ]

I can’t necessarily recommend this route but this might set you up:

Does Trisquel not inherit debian packages from Ubuntu?

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Not knowing Trisquel, but knowing it’s a GNU approved distribution, I imagine snapd isn’t included in their repositories because the Snap Store distributes proprietary software. Even something like Debian which has a clear divide in it’s repositories between free and non free isn’t suitable by GNU standards for being too keen to recommend proprietary options.

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Thank you. When I try to install the .deb with GDebi Package Installer it says “Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libc6 (>= 2.27)”. The Trisquel repository libc6 is version 2.23. I’ll ask the Trisquel community for advice.

Yes, this is the case.

You may need to edit the snapd debian packaging files for i.e. debian sid slightly and build snapd from source on your distro to ensure that the C bits are compiled with the right libc and such. after you have built snapd from a deb once, then you can install the snapd snap with snap install snapd and just use snapd from the snap, the deb should effectively get ignored for most things since we most always re-exec from the debian package to the snapd snap when the snapd snap is a newer version than the debian package.