Install snapd on CentOS

I want to install my own snap in other Linux platform , but the snapd installation is the main problem. you can see the illustration below. Thank you.

i’m not sure why the package is not found (but perhaps @zyga-snapd can help here).

But even if you could install it the 2.6 kernel does not have the required security features, snaps will need a 4.x kernel, Update to a supported modern kernel with proper security first …

I have installed the alicloud snap from the store, then it prompts “from aliyun” , how can it know it’s from ‘aliyun’ ?

CentOS is not currently supported. Please use Debian or Fedora or one of their derivatives.

When will you support CentOS ? We want to install our software in all kind of Linux .

because that is the user that registered the name “alicloud” in the store …

better start a new thread then in the store category and ask there …

CentOS support will be coming soon enough. We want it working well and fully integrated in Fedora first. There’s another set of issues to address when it comes to CentOS support that we simply haven’t tackled yet.

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We hope snap can work on all kind of Linux ASAP … Ubuntu is the best…

All distributions have their uses. Our goal is to support snapd anywhere where there is sufficient user base and demand. If you want to help and work with us there are plenty of packaging, testing and development tasks available. Feel free to reach out to us at the forum or on IRC if you want to help! Thank you for using snaps!

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Thank you . Will snapd be supported in Mac in the future ?

Hi, snapd is very important for us . So we want to know when will you support all the Linux versions? Do you have the schedule? We want to know about this . Thank you.

I think when you say “all the linux versions” it is pretty vague and obviously impossible to support or estimate. Our goal is to support snapd in all the places that matters to users and where it is technically possible to run snaps.

Snapd itself depends on the Linux kernel (so very old / android kernels are not an easy support target), systemd (which has similar requirements) and a few userspace utilities.

We are constantly working on improving support of the major distributions, by extending our testing system and working on packaging both upstream and downstream. Anyone is welcome to join this effort so if something specific (a given distribution or environment) is important to you then please, do join us in this effort.

Is there a roadmap for the Fedora/CentOS work being done, to follow it’s progress?

I get error when installing on Ubuntu
sudo apt install snapd
The error is
Unable to locate package snapd

@AdamIsrael It’s a good question. I would also appreciate having a more clear view of what the current state is and what the upcoming steps should be. @Conan_Kudo Do you have any idea of how this would look like today?

@manikabedi This topic is mainly about CentOS support. Please open a different topic with more details about the issue you are facing so we can try to help.

So, CentOS 7.4 just went out last week, so I’m going to start poking at the rebased Go and SELinux stack and see if things don’t blow up on me like they did before…


Is there any progress on the CentOS support?

My initial tests were better than before, but there were still some glitches. I may be able to provide a COPR repository for testing at some point in the coming days for broader testing.