Install snapcraft snap on Pi stretch

Trying to install the snapcraft snap on a Raspbery Pi running Debian Stretch

sudo snap install --candidate --classic snapcraft

seems to succeed returning

snapcraft (candidate) 2.33 from 'canonical' installed

but then I get

$ snapcraft
-bash: snapcraft: command not found

What magic am I missing ?

Probably the PATH. Is /snap/bin in it? Does it get added if you logout/in?

If not, you can invoke snapcraft from /snap/bin/snapcraft as a temporary workaround.

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did you actually install snapd right before this ?

in ubuntu we ship a /etc/profile.d snippet to extend the PATH to include /snap/bin, to make such a snippet take effect you have to re-login once …

you can call snapcraft with the full /snap/bin path though …

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is this your first snap that you’ve installed? if so then you need to log-out and back-in to pick up the updated PATH pointing to /snap/bin. As @popey says, you can also run /snap/bin/snapcraft or snap run snapcraft in the meantime.


oops - ok - now getting

OSError: Could not locate nacl lib, searched for,,,,,  and

OK - adding

sudo apt install libsodium-dev

seems to make it happy… onwards

Thats sounds like a bug with the snapcraft snap … it should ship all necessary dependencies by default (and have LD_LIBRARY_PATH properly adjusted to find them in the snap)

@sergiusens@kyrofa ?

Huh, indeed, that sounds like a bug! Wonder how it’s working on Ubuntu.

Looks like we stage it. Perhaps we’re not properly accounting for the arch-specific path.

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Hmm, the above error message seems to actually look for fairly old versions, i see
on my system while the newest in the OSerror is 13

indeed - the version I manually apt installed was


ctypes are patched to look for the libraries in the correct locations. I am guessing this is just something that needs a twist of knobs for armhf