Install private snap through Landscape server

I have hosts registered to a self-managed Landscape server through the landscape-client. I have some private snaps registered to an account in Ubuntu One. The output of snap whoami as root is the correct user which has install access to these private snaps. I can install them interactively. When I install them through Landscape’s “Snap” tab, the Activity fails with output saying the snap is not found. This appears to be because the process installing the snap is not using the root user’s credentials.

How do I install private snaps onto a registered host from Landscape?

You should probably rather ask this in a landscape support place, nobody here will know how landscape does snap handling in the backend or how it integrates snap authentication options

I hoped this might have come up here first since this community is significantly more active than the Landscape support places. I’ve already forked the code and am looking through it. I expected a private server should be capable of installing private packages but I might have took that for granted.

Thanks for your help.

Update: my concerns are validated. Currently, it’s not possible to install private snaps through Landscape.

Well, snap support in landscape is relatively new, so you are actually the first one to ask about it here :slightly_smiling_face:

I see you actually raised it in the proper place too…

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